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Firstly, welcome to the @courtingfashion blog, where I, Bec, hope to share with you my little styling tips, how to’s and lifestyle guide for busy entreprenuarial mums on the go and for women in general. 

A little about me …

I am a mother of twin girls, Bernadette & Rachel, and a little boy, Benjamin. I am a practising lawyer and principal partner of my firm “Atteya Bardaxis & Associates” and I am the founder, designer and creative Director of “Detta & Rach” which is an Australian Designer label & just recently became an online boutique store! I love all things concerning classical and timeless fashion. I need coffee as much as oxygen, I love being a mum & lawyer and I love to live a luxurious lifestyle within reason of course! 

Featured above “Fair Lady Dress”

A little about the creation of Detta & Rach the Label…

Detta & Rach the label is my passion project and dream. I have always wanted to create a designer range, however in the past I have always given in to barriers such as the risk involved and the fear of failure. 

When I designed the first edition collection, it was at a time in my life when my daughters were 2 years of age and I had only just started to feel like I could squeeze myself back into my work clothes. My twin pregnancy definitely took its toll on my body and none of my workwear or clothes in general looked the same on me as they did pre-pregnancy. I’m sure some of you can relate to this feeling.  

I remember looking at myself in the mirror and thinking “I need to tuck this bit in or hide this bit or cover this bit.” Getting dressed for work became a stressful, dreaded task, and one which I couldn’t afford to indulge, by trying on multiple outfits, as then I would be late for morning drop-offs which would then in turn make me late for work. 

 I realised that I needed to accept the fact that my body shape had changed and instead of being disappointed that my old clothes did not look as flattering on me, I channelled that feeling into creating a range of clothing which accommodated for those women who were and are trailblazers, mothers & women in general, that want to stay on trend, look and be fierce, but remain elegant, graceful & classy. Think Coco-Chanel & who else but Audrey Hepburn!

Featured above “The Advocate Blazer”

Detta & Rach the label encompasses a designer range of beautifully crafted, timeless & authentic pieces of women’s apparel to last through the continuous & always rotating realm that is the fashion industry.  Each piece was designed with the idea in mind to complement the female form with all of life’s changes.

For example, our “High Fly Denim jeans” are high waisted, structured denim with a little stretch that go over the hips and tuck in the, what I like to call “mum-tum.” They provide the perfect form/physique and are great to wear when running errands with the kids, as you will not find yourself constantly feeling like you need to pull your eans up over the love handles,  (if you have them), & doing the “dog kick” at the same time. Trust me, we have all been there!!

A few more examples include our peplum designed pieces such as “The Advocate” Blazer and “Honour” top (featured below) which are structured to flow out from the waist so if you are feeling like you need to do the “tuck” “hide” “cover” for a day, but still want to look fierce and on trend; these pieces were made for you ! 

Featured here: “The Honour” top

If you guys haven’t done so already, take a scroll through my online boutique! Having heard my story & what was in my mind at the time of designing each piece, hopefully you will now see how each item of clothing remains flattering to the female form by:

+ Either not being too short or too long – so as to remain on trend;

+ High waisted to cover the “mum-tum”

+ Fitted (body-con) type fabric which will hold its shape over time and has a little elasticity.

+ Authentic, unique and on trend pieces – through the use of peplum, waterfall and asymmetric design. 

And just one more FYI – Detta & Rach the label is 100% Australian from sourcing the fabric here in Sydney/Melbourne/Perth, to designing and production. 

Stay tuned for more on the blog !  The next issue ill reveal my secrets to time management 😊 

Love Bec xo

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